Grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee and let’s discuss how stupid the Democrats in Minnesota are.

I’m not sure what they expected when they elected two of the biggest Swamp Creatures in Congress as the Governor and Attorney General. These two Pieces of Shit are destroying almost 50% of Minnesota Small Business for a bullshit false premise. I truly believe it’s so they can stroke their own ego.

These two should be forced to forfeit all salary beginning March 1, 2020 and continue until they leave office. These monies should be given to small business.

I went into Cub Foods and Home Depot during this supposed lock down and not one of the employees were wearing gloves or masks. Most customers were not wearing masks or observing 6 feet distance. So what these two idiots are saying that these business’s can be open but bars, restaurants or hair salons can’t?

Another insane move these two idiots did was leave liquor stores open?

The corrupt media is complicit in this crap so they can get ratings and advertising revenue. They all are picking winners and losers and if you question the rubes who believe them you are either a racist or science denier.

Why are the media assholes not telling you how many suicides and murder/suicides are happening weekly? Or child abuse by drunk parents? Or DWI’S? Or children starving? Or small business Bankruptcies? Or how many people have died from the flu or cancer during the same time period?

This will go down as one of the biggest scams in American history!!