Grab your cup of coffee and let’s review what has happened to Fox News?

The swamp creatures in Washington are really infiltrating what was the only truthful news on television. I remember on election night 2016 Fox News version of the Dough Boy Chris Stirewalt was sitting on the set claiming his expert opinion showed Clinton was killing Trump and he had no chance of winning.

Well, the idiot was  so wrong  they promoted him so now he can continue to put out bullshit Polls. First of all, anyone believing “ANY” Polls is an idiot and probably a Liberal praying their true so Trump will be beat.

This morning it got so bad that Beavis & Butthead on Morning Joe were quoting Fox News Polls as if they were the truth. The first time they have said anything positive about Fox News.

They said an old pervert with Dementia (Biden) was beating Trump by 17% in their expert Polls and to make it even more of a joke they said the Poll was of people over 65 years old. I couldn’t stop laughing!

All of us over 65 years old would never vote for Biden if you want to keep your Social Security and be able to retire with some dignity. This piece of shit swamp creature will join the Douche Bag Pelosi in bankrupting America because when it happens they will be dead from old age (which won’t be long for either of them).

And now the only Television channel with a small amount of truth is being used as an attack dog for the left. If you want an honest Poll of elderly Americans go to the Villages in Florida not the swamp in Washington.

If you want to save Fox please get rid of Paul Ryan, Stirewalt  and all the other Trump haters at Fox.