Grab a cup of coffee and join me in looking at news of the day.

I was watching CNBC yesterday and the very stupid woman who was anchoring announced that the United States is facing a meat shortage. She also mentioned that China was buying all of our whole hogs and shipping them to their country.

What she failed to tell the American public is that America’s corrupt Politicians in Washington allowed China to BUY the largest pork producer in the United States Smithfield Foods. These corrupt Politicians have been getting rich selling China our critical infrastructure which now China is using against us.

America the Stupid!

This shows that China also now owns our media and is manipulating them to either falsely report or fabricate alternative facts that help China hide what they are doing. This also pertains to our drugs which are no longer safe for us to take.

Here are some of the companies our corrupt Politicians have allowed China to buy:

  1. Smithfield Foods
  2. AMC Movie Corp. ( And believe me they are using subliminal messaging to brain wash anyone watching a movie)
  3. Radisson Hotel Corp.
  4. Cirrus Aircraft (the first company to make an affordable plane with a parachute)
  5. Thousands of Homes and Condominiums

And as 60 minutes reported 10 years ago they are coming here and having their babies because our corrupt Politicians have allowed them to become American Citizens if the are  born here.

America the Stupid?