Obamacare: The REAL Solution

Grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee and join me in a discussion and analysis of the REAL problem behind Obamacare.

First, all you need to do is Google PBS Frontline Investigation on the healthcare industry and the Lobbying Corporation they have formed in Washington which will spend at least $3 billion lobbying (Bribing) our corrupt Politicians in Washington each election cycle.

In addition take a look at the corrupt Pharmaceutical companies who also spend Billions of dollars not only Lobbying (Bribing) our corrupt Politicians but also spend an estimated $5 to $6 Billion inundating you and I with worthless drug commercials which is causing many to give up watching regular Television channels. And the Epipen  debacle is just the tip of the iceberg with the exception of the CEO being the daughter of one of these corrupt politicians.

This combined with estimated annual compensation for Healthcare Executives including stock options well into the Billions of dollars does anyone expect anything to change in our dwindling healthcare options?

At my recent annual physical my Doctor informed me he had not had a raise in pay in ten years and everyone working in the office stated they are voting for Trump, but do not want it public.  We are now starting to lose our Doctors in addition to our insurance options.

At my recent Dental appointment, while waiting with other patients the subject of dental insurance came up and how the policies from companies like Delta Dental are now worthless. My Dentist now allows you to instead make monthly payments to him and essentially create your own dental savings program.

Before the Federal Government (idiots) got involved,  in 2009 when I started my company, I was able to go to a web site called eHealthinsurance.com and purchase a plan for around $ 230 per month with a $1500 dollar annual deductible. After the idiots got done ripping us off with the help of the Criminal Healthcare Industry  my monthly premium, if I could afford it is $825 per month with a $8500 deductible and only 50% of anything is covered so the deductible is really $17,000. And to add insult to injury if you cannot afford this rip off you have to pay a fine? This is what happens when our corrupt Politicians get bought off by the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies and their criminal executives.

After analyzing just the above information you will see why we need to eliminate lobbying of our Politicians or set limits on the amounts and set term limits for them if we ever hope to have affordable healthcare!

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