Portable Coffee Press Crushing Thanks To Crowdfunding


It’s a warm day in Canada and Alan Kalbfleisch is hard at work as he tries to perfect a state of the art gadget that takes brewing coffee throughout one’s daily activities to the next level.

Kalbfleisch was tired of all the dysfunctional brewers on the market. Fed up with the huge messes and bitter tastes left behind by other coffee presses, he decided to come up with his own unique spin on the classic coffee press.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Kalbfleisch’s Pascal Press has raised over $29,000 thanks to its crowd funding campaign. It’s been a hit so far, appealing to coffee drinkers who like to hike, backpack, and travel in general. All while enjoying a fresh, quality brewed cup.

Here are five points of difference that have driven the Pascal Press to receive a ton of support from backers who want to see it become a reality.

The Promise Of Better Taste
A lot of coffee presses don’t separate the grounds from the coffee which has left a bitter taste in the mouths of users both figuratively and literally. For the small group of taste tester who have tried the Pascal Press one thing all seem to have in common is they appreciate the better taste that comes from the press thanks to its ability to separate the grounds from the coffee.

Brewing Speed
Pascal Press makes it possible to create the perfect morning coffee in less than a minute. Most other coffee presses on the market take 2-3 minutes. People who want to get busy and be on the go don’t want to wait any longer than they have to.

Durability and Mobility
This crowdfunding megahit is safe to use. Its FDA approved. Its durability guarantees it lasts a lifetime. In addition, you never again have to worry about the leaking of your coffee press and most importantly you have a place to store your coffee press because it fits into practically any cup holder.

Doesn’t Discriminate Against Any Coffee Grounds
The one thing most coffee drinkers including myself hate the most about coffee presses is that you can’t use all types of coffee grounds with just any press. With this state of the art brewer however, you can now use your favorite coffee grounds in order to perfect your cup of coffee no matter where you are in the world.

Every few years the coffee gods bless us caffeine lovers with something cool and unique. This present day blessing is something that’ll have the traveler in you enjoying your favorite flavours and aromas wherever you are. I promise.

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