How To Distinguish Five Coffee Drinks

How To Distinguish Five Coffee Drinks, Espresso, cappuccino, latte’, mocha latte’, and frappe’ are five different coffee drinks but have some similarities. As you learn the differences here, your knowledge will serve you well the next time you step into your local coffee shop.

Ready for that immediate wake-up call? Ask for an espresso some morning when you need to be wide-awake for the weekly staff conference. Espresso is usually a double shot of caffeine using coffee beans that have been ground to a fine powder. Extremely hot water is pressed through the ground coffee at a high rate of speed. This coffee is best consumed “straight-up” and before cooling in order to enjoy the fullest flavor possible.

Calories: No need to worry!

This will offer a similar wake-up call, but with added ingredients. While a cappuccino does have a shot of espresso in it, this hot drink also includes hot milk. When the hot milk is infused into the coffee, milk foam rises to the top. Cinnamon is sometimes sprinkled on top of the milk foam.

Calories: 100-150/16 oz

The word “latte” in Italian means milk. If you are going more for the idea of a warm drink, instead of getting the “coffee jitters,” this might be the drink for you. It is simply a serving of coffee poured into a cup containing hot milk, with the portions being 1/3 coffee to 2/3 milk.

Calories: 150-270/16 oz

Mocha latte’
So you like chocolate, right? And you must like coffee, otherwise why would you be reading this article? Well, a mocha latte’ blends the best of both worlds. This coffee drink is one part espresso and two parts steamed milk, with a shot of chocolate syrup added. Some coffee houses will top this drink with whipped cream or marshmallows and sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon on top. This might just be the adult version of hot chocolate.

Calories: 250-400/16 oz

If you find your coffee getting cold and liking it, then this is the coffee drink for you. A frappe’ is iced coffee which is sometimes served the consistency of a milkshake. This drink usually has flavorings, such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, added to enhance the coffee flavoring.

Calories: over 400/16 oz

Whatever your drink of choice, enjoy! Coffee houses provide huge selections of variations of the above and just about every single one is worth checking out. But, then if you have a day at home, make your own special cup of coffee. Check out my article on How to Make Coffee for satisfying coffee at home.


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