5 tips for a better cup of coffee

For many, its the most important thing needed to properly start the day.  But what does it take to brew a good cup of coffee?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Fresh, quality beans – this goes a long way.  Try to stay away from buying in bulk.  If it sits around for a weeks, or months, it will lose its freshness and won’t taste as good.  If you buy coffee in smaller amounts, you can avoid this.  Keep a couple 3-4 weeks supply around at a time.

2. Grind it right – Not too coarse or too fine.  The grounds should be a little gritty, and not powdery.

3. Proper proportions – 1 cup water/1 tbsp coffee.  If you’re looking for bolder flavor, then try using a different roast.

4. Cold water – spring or filtered water will work better if you have any problems with your tap water.

5. Don’t burn it! – Get the coffee off the burner and into a thermos or carafe.


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