Farmer Bros. Changes Superior Flavored Coffee

Farmer Bros. Coffee Company recently in an effort to reduce duplication in it’s lines of Flavored Coffee has eliminated many of the well known and liked Superior Brand Flavored coffees and replaced them with their Metropolitan Line of Flavored coffee.

We have taste tested the larger 2.5 oz. Metropolitan pillow packs and found in most cases the taste is excellent and the same as what we had come to expect from Superior’s great tasting flavored coffees.

Unfortunately some favorites have been replaced with a similar tasting blend:

  • Superior Cinnamon Hazelnut 24/2.25oz. is no longer available and a Metropolitan Cinnamon 24/2.5oz. is the replacement.
  • The Superior Café Angelica 5 pound bags are now available in Metropolitan 2 pound bags. Same great taste!
  • Superior Chocolate Macadamia Nut 24/2.25oz. is replaced with Metropolitan Mocha Almond 24/2.5oz.
  • Superior Hazelnut (Café Angelica) 24/2.25oz. is replaced with Metropolitan Toasted Hazelnut 24/2.5oz.
  • Superior Irish Cream, Vanilla Cream and other favorites are now available under the Metropolitan line and are the exact same great taste you have come to love

All of these great flavored coffees can be found at

Please give them a try and let us know what you think. Enter the Discount Code “aroma” at checkout for 10% off your order as our thanks for shopping with us.

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